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  • Protecting Consumers From Predatory Interest Rates

    Posted By Golomb & Honik, P.C. || 22-Aug-2014

    Predatory lending is the practice of imposing unfair or ruthless loan terms on a borrower. It also includes any practice that persuades a borrower to agree to unfair terms through acts of deception, coercion, or exploitation for a loan that he or she either doesn't need or can't afford. Predatory lending wrenches some $27 billion a year from American consumers in the form of exorbitant ...
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  • Do Faster Drug Approvals Mean More Dangerous Drugs?

    Posted By Golomb & Honik || 21-Aug-2014

    Passed in 1992, the Prescription Drug Free User Act marked an agreement under which drug manufacturers would help fund the FDA in exchange for faster drug approvals. The intent was to give patients quicker access to potentially helpful experimental drugs. However, a new study suggests the expedition of the drug approval process has led to an increase in the overall number of safety warnings and ...
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  • Medical Errors are 3rd Leading Cause of Death

    Posted By Golomb & Honik, P.C. || 19-Aug-2014

    Every year an astonishing 440,000 patients die because of preventable medical errors. In fact, medical errors are so prevalent that they have become the third leading cause of death in the United States. Yet the government does very little to prevent these deadly errors, largely because corporate front groups work diligently on Capitol Hill to limit accountability for medical professionals. ...
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  • Johnson & Johnson Recalls Power Morcellator

    Posted By Golomb & Honik, P.C. || 19-Aug-2014

    In the wake of mounting evidence that the devices can promote the spread of cancer, Johnson & Johnson has issued a worldwide recall of three laparoscopic power morcellators. In April 2014, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration advised physicians to cease using the device because it could result in the spread of cancerous tissue, and Johnson & Johnson suspended sale and distribution of the ...
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  • Lawsuits Against Benicar Manufacturers Begin

    Posted By Golomb & Honik, P.C. || 14-Aug-2014

    In 2013, the FDA warned the general public about the dangers of Benicar and required its manufacturers to update the warning label. These dangers included developing a serous GI disorder, known as sprue-like enteropathy, which can lead to severe malnutrition, diarrhea, and dehydration. Now, injured patients are beginning to file lawsuits across the country, seeking to hold the negligent ...
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  • Hawaii: $11.3M in Settlements Reached Against Credit Card Companies

    Posted By Golomb & Honik || 13-Aug-2014

    On August 4, 2014, Attorney General David M. Louie announced that settlements totaling approximately $11.3 million have been reached by the state of Hawaii against JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Citibank, and Discover Financial Services. The settlements relate to deceptive marketing practices for credit card protection plans. According to the State Attorney General, consumers were solicited by ...
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  • Johnson & Johnson Recalls Hysterectomy Device Due to Cancer Concerns

    Posted By Golomb & Honik, P.C. || 7-Aug-2014

    Medical product and device manufacturer Johnson & Johnson decided to recall a medical device that is utilized during hysterectomies and other uterine procedures after it received reports that the device might spread undetected cancer in patients. The device is one that shaves tissue into small pieces that can be removed without the need for open surgery. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ...
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  • New Class Action GM Recall Lawsuit Contains Over 600 Plaintiffs

    Posted By Golomb & Honik, P.C. || 4-Aug-2014

    Last week, a class action lawsuit was filed against General Motors (GM) in relation to injuries suffered by drivers of vehicles recalled by the auto manufacturer earlier this year. The class of plaintiffs includes 658 victims, 29 people who died and 629 others who were injured in association with car accidents caused by ignition switch defects. The plaintiffs in this class action product liability ...
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