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  • Raw Goat Milk Cheese Recalled Due to E. Coli Contamination

    Posted By Golomb & Honik, P.C. || 27-Jul-2014

    Raw Milk Mild Cheddar Cheese Lot Code 103-114 was recalled by the Sterling, WI-based Southwestern Wisconsin Dairy Goat Products Cooperative. The cooperative issued the recall based on the belief that the cheese had been contaminated with E. coli bacteria. Prior to the recall, two five-pound loaves of the cheese tested positive for Shiga toxin, which is produced by E. coli. The product was sent ...
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  • False Advertising Prompts 5-Hour Energy Lawsuits

    Posted By Golomb & Honik || 25-Jul-2014

    The Michigan-based company, Living Essentials and its parent company, Innovation Ventures, are being sued by the states of Oregon, Vermont, and Washington over allegations that they misrepresented their 5-Hour Energy drink. Comparable suits are expected to be filed by other states in the upcoming weeks. The states are accusing the manufacturer of the caffeinated energy drink of marketing their ...
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  • Yaz and Yasmin Lawsuits Still Being Filed

    Posted By Golomb & Honik, P.C. || 24-Jul-2014

    In spite of the massive number of dangerous drug lawsuits already filed against Bayer Pharmaceuticals in association with the birth control medications Yasmin and Yaz, there are still many more claims on the way. Currently, there are 3,900 Yasmin and Yaz claims pending, and approximately 7,660 plaintiffs have already settled with the pharmaceutical company. At the moment, Bayer has paid ...
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  • Top 5 Reasons for Internal Medicine Malpractice

    Posted By Golomb & Honik, P.C. || 20-Jul-2014

    Research published in the Journal of American Medical Association: Internal Medicine has shed light on the five main reasons internists are sued. Researchers analyzed nearly 250,000 closed medical malpractice claims presented to Physicians Insurers Association of America between 1985 and 2009 and found 33,747 of those cases involved internal medicine clinicians. Those cases were then categorized ...
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  • How Can You Keep Your Child Safe from Dangerous Toys?

    Posted By Golomb & Honik || 18-Jul-2014

    As a parent, it is only natural to want to protect your children from every danger in the world. You visit your pediatrician regularly for annual checkups; you feed your children fresh nutritious meals; and you take every safety precaution when driving them around town. Yet child product manufacturers and toy makers don’t always have your child’s best interest in mind. They routinely ...
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  • Pennsylvania Consumers File Complaint over Electricity Rates

    Posted By Golomb & Honik, P.C. || 17-Jul-2014

    Attorney General Kathleen Kane and Acting Consumer Advocate McCloskey have recently filed a complaint with the Public Utility Commissioner over what they believe amounts to deceptive and fraudulent consumer practices by private electric companies in Pennsylvania. Their joint complaint states that Energy Service Providers, such as Pennsylvania Gas & Electric, Blue Pilot Energy, Respond Power, ...
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  • Blue Cross Faces Class Action Bad Faith Insurance Lawsuit

    Posted By Ryan Kuhn || 17-Jul-2014

    A bad faith insurance lawsuit has been filed against Anthem Blue Cross, claiming the insurance company unfairly denied coverage to policy holders who were misled into believing they were covered by a particular plan. The plaintiff filed the lawsuit as a class action case in order to represent all individuals in the state of California who experienced this denial in coverage. The bad faith ...
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  • Birth Injuries Often Lead to Devastating Brain Injuries

    Posted By Golomb & Honik || 17-Jul-2014

    There is nothing quite as natural as giving birth. Yet even though more than 4 million babies are born each year in the United States, the process of giving birth can be extremely dangerous for both the mother and the child. When complications arise, the care given to the baby and the mother during this time can mean the difference between life and death, or the need to care for a profoundly ...
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  • Viagra Linked to Increase in Skin Cancer

    Posted By Golomb & Honik, P.C. || 14-Jul-2014

    Since it was first approved for use in 1998, Viagra (sildenafil citrate) has been used to treat erectile dysfunction and has been prescribed to more than 35 million men worldwide. Now, a new study has pointed to a serious side effect associated with using Viagra. The study, published in JAMA Internal Medicine, discovered that sildenafil could increase the risk of developing skin ...
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  • FDA Announces Strict Proposal Affecting Transvaginal Mesh Litigation

    Posted By Golomb & Honik || 13-Jul-2014

    On the heels of a Dallas jury ordering Johnson & Johnson to pay compensatory damages as a result of a design flaw in their product, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has made a call for stricter safety regulations regarding the transvaginal mesh device. In April, Johnson & Johnson, one of several manufacturers of transvaginal mesh (TVM) implants, was ordered by a jury in Dallas ...
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  • GM Replaces Faulty Ignition Switch Kits

    Posted By Golomb & Honik || 10-Jul-2014

    Earlier this week, General Motors (GM) announced that they are replacing 542 ignition switch kits after detecting a faulty tab. These kits were to be used on vehicles recalled earlier this year due to ignition switch defects. The faulty kits were built on July 1. GM decided to replace them after discovering broken tabs associated with the anti-theft system. According to a GM spokesperson, the ...
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  • Cheesecake Factory & Unfair Wages

    Posted By Golomb & Honik || 7-Jul-2014

    Popular chain restaurants such as the Cheesecake Factory and Grand Lux Café are facing a potential class action lawsuit for allegedly violating the Minimum Wage Laws and the Fair Labors Standards Act. These restaurants paid their tipped employees below minimum wage when they required them to spend large amounts of their shift performing non-tipped work, such as custodial and maintenance ...
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  • Kellogg Drops All-Natural Labels

    Posted By Golomb & Honik, P.C. || 3-Jul-2014

    The world’s #1 maker of breakfast cereals is food manufacturing giant, Kellogg. In 2011 alone, Kellogg’s profits worldwide totaled 1.43 billion USD. Yet in recent years, Kellogg has come under fire for what many have claimed to be deceptive and false advertising. In particular, the use of the “All Natural” label on products that was not, in actuality, completely natural. ...
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  • Bristol-Myers Initiates Blood Thinner Recall

    Posted By Golomb & Honik || 2-Jul-2014

    According to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Bristol-Myers Squibb Co has initiated a voluntary recall of their blood thinner, Coumadin. The pharmaceutical company decided to recall six lots of the injectable version of this blood thinner after finding particulate matter in some unreleased samples. Bristol-Myers called the recall a “precautionary measure” and claimed there ...
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