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  • What is the Real Problem with Having Wood Pulp in Our Cheese?

    Posted By Golomb & Honik, P.C. || 29-Mar-2016

    Recently, the FDA uncovered clear evidence that many cheese manufacturers were cutting their 100% real Parmesan cheese with wood pulp fillers and cheaper substitutes. The FDA investigation found that Castle Cheese, Inc. used wood pulp or cellulose, along with a mix of cheap cheddar, in its 100% Parmesan cheese. As a result, the President of Castle Cheese is facing hefty fines and even prison time ...
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  • Shire Agrees to Settle in Adderall Pay-for-Delay Case

    Posted By Golomb & Honik, P.C. || 25-Mar-2016

    Consumers and Shire US Inc. have reached an agreement to settle a case in which the drugmaker was accused of paying rival drugmakers to delay selling less expensive versions of the ADHD drug Adderall. The joint motion to defer ruling on pending motions and the notice of settlement signal that the proposed class action lawsuit could be put to rest before heading to trial. The court filing specifies ...
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  • Drugmakers Back Philadelphia Testosterone Case Consolidation

    Posted By Golomb & Honik, P.C. || 22-Mar-2016

    A group of drug manufacturers including Endo Pharmaceuticals Inc. and AbbVie Inc. are supporting a bid to create a new mass tort program in Pennsylvania state court to consolidate a number of cases alleging that certain testosterone-containing drugs caused strokes and heart attacks. In a summary filed in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas earlier this month, attorneys for Endo, AbbVie (later ...
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  • California D.A. Accuses Citi & Other Companies of Deceptive Practices

    Posted By Golomb & Honik, P.C. || 16-Mar-2016

    Trinity County, California’s District Attorney, Eric L. Heryford, has filed three lawsuits against Citigroup, First Premier Bank, and Discover in federal court, alleging the companies of using deception to sell customers credit card protection plans. According to Heryford, the three similarly worded yet separate lawsuits accuse the companies of violating California’s Unfair Competition ...
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  • Arbitration Study Shows Consumer Class Actions Deliver Cash Relief to More Consumers Than Individual Arbitration

    Posted By Golomb & Honik, P.C. || 15-Mar-2016

    Anecdotally, it has long been believed that pre-dispute, mandatory arbitration clauses have not serviced the consumer well. These are clauses in which the consumer (1) gives up the right to sue in court; and, (2) gives up the right to participate in a class action. That said, there has also been a dearth of data related to these types of clauses. In 2012, however, under Federal law, the Consumer ...
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  • Was Johnson & Johnson Hiding Something During the Trial Which Cost the Company $72 Million?

    Posted By Golomb & Honik, P.C. || 9-Mar-2016

    In a recent talcum powder verdict, which cost pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson $72 million, the jury foreman said later it was clear J & J was “hiding something.” The case was that of Jacqueline Fox, of Birmingham, Alabama, who died from ovarian cancer recently, at the age of 62. Her family brought a wrongful death suit against Johnson & Johnson, which was heard ...
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  • Woman's Family Recovers $72 Million in Lawsuit Against Johnson & Johnson

    Posted By Golomb & Honik, P.C. || 3-Mar-2016

    According to an article published by Bloomberg Business, Johnson & Johnson is being held responsible to pay $72 million to family members of a woman who experienced fatal injuries after using the talcum powder produced by the company. The woman’s family stated the products, baby powder and an additional talc-based product, caused the women to develop ovarian cancer. This was the first ...
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