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  • Xarelto Lawsuits Nearing 7,000

    Posted By Golomb & Honik, P.C. || 19-Oct-2016

    For those who have doubted the serious nature of adverse health complications associated with the blood-thinning drug Xarelto, consider there are now more than 7,000 lawsuits filed against the manufacturer of Xarelto. Pharmaceutical giant Bayer manufacturers Xarelto, although it is sold by Janssen, a subsidiary of another pharmaceutical giant, Johnson & Johnson. As of the third week in July ...
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  • Wells Fargo Loses Arbitration Bids in Overdraft MDL Suits

    Posted By Golomb & Honik, P.C. || 18-Oct-2016

    On Monday, a Florida federal judge held that Wells Fargo cannot force unnamed class members into arbitration in five MDLs in which the institution has been accused of charging overdraft fees in a deceptive manner. According to the judge, ordering the classes to arbitrate would be prejudicial since the bank chose to actively litigate the major class actions. According to the judge, “it would ...
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  • Health Authorities Strengthen Invokana Warnings

    Posted By Golomb & Honik, P.C. || 14-Oct-2016

    Invokana manufacturer Janssen, a subsidiary of beleaguered pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson, faces an ever-increasing number of lawsuits for harm suffered from the drug, and must once again strengthen the drug’s warning label. Both the U.S. and Canada have demanded increased warnings for Invokana, a drug approved for the treatment of Type II diabetes. Invokana (generic ...
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  • JPMorgan Settles Reward Points Class Action for $2M

    Posted By Golomb & Honik, P.C. || 7-Oct-2016

    JPMorgan Chase & Co. has agreed to pay $2 million to settle a proposed class action lawsuit alleging that the bank inappropriately closed an estimated 55,000 credit card accounts, leaving consumers unable to redeem the reward points they had accumulated. The financial institution has been accused of deceptive practices and fraudulent inducement, but according to the filing, the bank maintains ...
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  • When Banks Play Unfairly

    Posted By Golomb & Honik, P.C. || 6-Oct-2016

    Consumers want assurances they will be able to find justice in a court of law should they ever have a problem with their banking institution. Unfortunately, many banks have inserted pre-dispute arbitration clauses in all their banking contracts, preventing consumers from suing or joining a class-action lawsuit in the case of a dispute. Under arbitration, the consumer is required to take the case ...
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