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  • 5 Common Nursing Home Illnesses Caused by Negligence

    Posted By Golomb & Honik, P.C. || 25-May-2017

    There are many reasons why infections are very common in nursing homes and are a major cause of disease and fatalities among those who reside in these types of assisted living facilities. In many cases, nursing home staffers do not have the proper training or understanding to control infections. Furthermore, residents may be cognitively impaired to follow adequate hygiene precautions, resulting in ...
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  • 6 Common Medication Errors

    Posted By Golomb & Honik, P.C. || 18-May-2017

    According to the United States Department of Health and Human Resources, medication errors cause at least one death per day and injure approximately 1.3 million people annually in the U.S. Medication errors are more prevalent than many people believe. Prescribing, filling, and administering medications involves a chain of command, and if anyone commits an error in the chain, medications could be ...
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  • Millcreek Township surgeons sue Highmark

    Posted By Golomb & Honik, P.C. || 15-May-2017

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  • 8 Types of Misdiagnosis

    Posted By Golomb & Honik, P.C. || 11-May-2017

    According to a study found in BMJ Quality & Safety, diagnostic errors may affect as many as 12 million adults in the United States. When it comes to a misdiagnosis that results in medical malpractice, it is important to look at the various types of misdiagnosis which are possible. The following are the most common types of misdiagnosis: Wrong diagnosis – Also known simply as ...
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  • Breast Implants Responsible for Rare Cancer

    Posted By Golomb & Honik, P.C. || 10-May-2017

    Recently, a rare and deadly cancer has claimed the lives of 9 women. Sadly, according to the Food and Drug Administration, these deaths may be directly associated with their breast implants. The extremely rare cancer, known as anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL), is not a type of breast cancer. In fact, it is a rare type of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma that can be found around the breast ...
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  • How to Bring a Suit for Mesothelioma

    Posted By Golomb & Honik, P.C. || 4-May-2017

    Mesothelioma is a form of cancer which attacks the mesothelium (a protective lining which coats most of the body’s internal organs) and is caused by asbestos exposure. If you were recently diagnosed with mesothelioma, you may be entitled to financial compensation by holding the parties responsible for negligent toxic exposure. It is imperative to act quickly after you are diagnosed with ...
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  • 'Take-Home Toxin' Case Against Cermaics Co. Moves Forward

    Posted By Golomb & Honik, P.C. || 3-May-2017

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