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  • Law Firms Can Prosecute On Behalf Of DA, 9th Circ. Rules

    Law360 (March 15, 2018, 9:18 PM EDT) -- The Ninth Circuit on Thursday refused to revive a bank's contention that a California district attorney can't hire Baron & Budd PC and other firms to prosecute allegations of customer deception, ruling for the first time that the government can pay private counsel to pursue civil penalties.
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  • DA's Deal With Law Firms Is Illegal, Skeptical 9th Circ. Told

    A bank argued Friday that Baron & Budd PC, Carter Wolden Curtis LLP and Golomb & Honik PC couldn't legally prosecute, on behalf of a district attorney, allegations it tricked customers into buying credit card protection plans, prompting a Ninth Circuit panel to note that private individuals prosecute public matters all the time.
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  • Sunoco Loses Redo Bid At 3rd Circ. Over Rewards Program

    The Third Circuit on Wednesday rejected Sunoco Inc.’s bid for review of the court’s split decision refusing to allow the fuel giant to force arbitration in a credit card customer’s proposed class action over an allegedly broken promise for rewards at gas stations.
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  • Split 3rd Circ. Won't Let Sunoco Arbitrate Credit Claims

    Law360, Los Angeles (September 5, 2017, 6:21 PM EDT) -- The Third Circuit issued a split decision Tuesday refusing to let Sunoco Inc. force arbitration in a credit card customer’s proposed class action over an allegedly broken promise for rewards at gas stations, saying in the published ruling Sunoco wasn’t even part of the card contract. Two of the three judges on the panel agreed that when credit card customer Donald White signed up for a Citigroup Inc. credit card marketed as providing a discount at Sunoco gas stations, he hadn’t agreed to arbitrate disputes against Sunoco, according to the ruling. The credit card contract outlined the relationship between Citi and White, but didn’t even mention Sunoco, the majority wrote.
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  • Wells Fargo Overdraft Row Teed Up For 11th Circ. Arguments

    While Wells Fargo & Co. has lurched from one scandal to another in recent months, a decade long fight over the bank's overdraft practices and efforts to push consumers into arbitration is set to go to oral arguments at the Eleventh Circuit Thursday.
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  • $417M Verdict Against Johnson's Baby Powder Gives Hope to Jersey Plaintiffs

    Nearly 250 women have filed suit in New Jersey contending that using baby powder on their genitals caused their ovarian cancer. On Monday, they were given a shot of hope after a Los Angeles jury ordered Johnson & Johnson to pay $417 million to a dying woman who used the company’s talcum powder daily for decades.
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  • Drugmakers Agree to $300M Settlement in MDL Over Hypertension Medication Benicar

    Drugmakers Daiichi Sankyo and Forest Laboratories have agreed to a $300 million settlement of multidistrict litigation by users of hypertension drug Benicar who linked their cases of severe diarrhea to use of the drug.
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  • Pennsylvania Vision Insurer Faces Antitrust Class Action

    A class of independent eye care providers claims in a federal lawsuit that one of Pennsylvania’s largest vision insurers forces them to steer their patients to buy lenses from a factory owned by the insurer, often at a higher cost.
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  • Class Action Complaint Filed Against Pennsylvania Vision Insurer

    Three parties have been targeted by a federal class action complaint filed by a group of eye care providers and professionals in the industry.
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  • Hernia Cases Move Forward with MDL

    Hernia mesh issues across the United States are quickly gaining steam.
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  • Wells Fargo Faces Lawsuit for Preying on Minorities

    In early May, the U.S. Supreme Court allowed a lawsuit against banking giant, Wells Fargo, to proceed.
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  • 'Take-Home Toxin' Case Against Cermaics Co. Moves Forward

    A federal judge in Pennsylvania said Thursday he will let a “take-home toxin” case against a ceramics company move forward, finding that New Jersey law could create a duty of care for a girlfriend or roommate who is exposed to chemicals brought home by a worker.
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  • The War Against Consumers & Class Action Lawsuits

    Congress is in the middle of debating a bill that would reduce consumer rights while tightening the controls on class-action lawsuits.
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  • Xarelto Cases Near 14,000

    The litigation regarding the drug Xarelto has been ongoing for several years, with more and more consumers submitting claims for internal bleeding injuries—13,727 claims at present.
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  • TCF National Bank Tricked Customers

    TCF National Bank Tricked Customers TCF Bank, based in the state of Minnesota, has been accused by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau of deceiving customers across the U.S., fooling them into opting-in to exorbitant overdraft fees.
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  • Bank Overdraft Charges Cost Customers $11.6 Billion Annually

    It seems once again consumers are getting fleeced as big banks put more money into their own coffers.
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  • Judge Approves $15 Settlement to End Adderall Class Action

    Last week, a Florida federal judge approved a settlement of nearly $15 million to end a consumer class action lawsuit against Shire US Inc., who is accused of paying rival drugmakers to delay selling cheaper versions of ADD drug Adderall.
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  • Bank of America Accused of Gouging Ex-Inmates with Card Fees

    Attorney Richard Golomb of Philadelphia class action law firm Golomb & Honik, P.C. is lead counsel for a proposed class of thousands of former Arizona inmates accusing Bank of America of charging exorbitant fees to use prepaid debit cards which were issued to them upon their release.
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  • Credit Card Servicer Hit with Class Action Lawsuit for Deceptive Practices

    CardConnect Corp, a credit card service provider, is now facing a class action lawsuit in Pennsylvania federal court accusing the company of improperly concealing charges that they later imposed on merchants.
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  • Wells Fargo Loses Arbitration Bids in Overdraft MDL Suits

    On Monday, a Florida federal judge held that Wells Fargo cannot force unnamed class members into arbitration in five MDLs in which the institution has been accused of charging overdraft fees in a deceptive manner.
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  • JPMorgan Settles Reward Points Class Action for $2M

    JPMorgan Chase & Co. has agreed to pay $2 million to settle a proposed class action lawsuit alleging that the bank inappropriately closed an estimated 55,000 credit card accounts, leaving consumers unable to redeem the reward points they had accumulated.
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  • Nationstar Mortgage Must Face Putative Class Action Lawsuit

    Nationstar Mortgage Holdings Inc. can’t duck a mortgage insurance class action lawsuit alleging that the company refused to terminate private mortgage insurance (PMI) in accordance with consumers’ mortgage agreements.
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  • Hearings Begin in J&J Talcum Powder Lawsuits

    The global controversy over the deadly link between ovarian cancer and Johnson & Johnson’s iconic, talcum powder products – Baby Powder and Shower to Shower - today shifts to New Jersey Superior Court in Atlantic City with the start of pre-trial hearings in the first of hundreds of trials.
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  • JP Morgan Chase Sued By Former Inmates Over Excessive Debit Card Fees

    JP Morgan Chase & Co. recently agreed to pay $446,822 to thousands of former inmates released from federal prison to settle a class action lawsuit.
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  • Mercedes Benz Under Investigation for Emissions

    While Volkswagen is still in the throes of their emissions cheating scandal, it appears another major automaker could be headed in the same direction.
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  • Contaminated-Clothing Doctrine in Asbestos Cases Extended

    The New Jersey Supreme Court recently ruled that nonmarried couples or roommates who become ill after handling the asbestos-tainted clothing could be awarded the same damages as married couples.
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  • High Court Ruling Extends Toxic Exposure Liability

    The New Jersey State Supreme Court has unanimously decided that liability for exposure to toxic substances in the workplace may extend beyond an affected employee’s spouse.
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  • Sunoco Rewards Card Class Action Approved

    U.S. District Judge Paul S. Diamond. Of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, has denied Sunoco’s request to compel arbitration in a proposed class action lawsuit alleging false advertising of the company’s fuel rewards card benefits.
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  • Pennsylvania Judges Deny Appeal in Overdraft Fee Lawsuit

    The state Supreme Court will not review a lower court’s decision to allow a class action lawsuit accusing National Penn Bank of improperly assessing overdraft fees.
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  • $15M Sought in Adderall Pay-For-Delay Deal

    Consumers are seeking approval of a nearly $15 million settlement in a class action against Shire US Inc.
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  • Shire Agrees to Settle in Adderall Pay-for-Delay Case

    Consumers and Shire US Inc. have reached an agreement to settle a case in which the drugmaker was accused of paying rival drugmakers to delay selling less expensive versions of the ADHD drug Adderall.
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  • Drugmakers Back Philadelphia Testosterone Case Consolidation

    A group of drug manufacturers including Endo Pharmaceuticals Inc. and AbbVie Inc. are supporting a bid to create a new mass tort program in Pennsylvania state court to consolidate a number of cases alleging that certain testosterone-containing drugs caused strokes and heart attacks.
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  • California D.A. Accuses Citi & Other Companies of Deceptive Practices

    Trinity County, California’s District Attorney, Eric L. Heryford, has filed three lawsuits against Citigroup, First Premier Bank, and Discover in federal court, alleging the companies of using deception to sell customers credit card protection plans.
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  • Chase Bank Accused of Overcharging Ex-Inmates

    According to a class action lawsuit filed in Federal Court, Chase Bank has a monopoly on debit cards issued to former federal inmates, allowing them to charge exorbitant and unfair fees. The plaintiffs allege that the bank has charged ex-inmates $10 for getting money from a bank teller window, $1.50 a month for not using the card every 90 days, and 45 cents to check the balance on their card. JP Morgan Chase Bank became the exclusive issuer of debit cards for federal inmates in 2008. The plaintiffs, represented by Golomb & Honik, are seeking class certification, an injunction, disgorgement, rescission and reformation of agreements, and punitive damages for unjust enrichment, conversion and unfair trade.
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  • Federal Judge Upholds Suit Against Angie's List

    A federal judge upheld one woman’s standing to sue Angie’s List, a consumer-review site, for unfair business practices and breach of contract.
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  • Johnson & Johnson Seeks to Consolidate 103 Baby Powder Lawsuits

    Johnson & Johnson, a multinational medical and consumer goods manufacturer, hopes to centralize 103 baby powder suits in multicounty litigation in Atlantic County.
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  • Johnson & Johnson Seeking to Consolidate All 103 Talcum Powder Lawsuits in New Jersey

    Multinational medical, pharmaceutical, and consumer packaged goods manufacturer Johnson & Johnson is currently facing large-scale litigation in New Jersey. Over 103 lawsuits against the company allege that their baby powder and other talcum powder products caused ovarian cancer when used in the perineal region. The cases are spread across two counties, with the majority in Atlantic County. For practical purposes, the company is bidding to consolidate the cases by transferring them all to the Atlantic County Superior Court, arguing that the similar allegations, geographic dispersement, and large number of parties involved makes this a sensible course of action. Johnson & Johnson “vigorously disputes general causation in this litigation,” maintaining that scientific studies refute the plaintiffs’ claims and denying there is any proven link between their product and ovarian cancer. Golomb & Honik is representing some of the plaintiffs who are filing suit against Johnson & Johnson. For more information about this story, click here to view the original news article.
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  • Plaintiffs Uphold Class Certification of Overdraft MDL Against Wells Fargo

    Consumers of Wells Fargo pushed back when the bank prompted the court to reconsider arguments of deceptive overdraft fees.
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  • Johnson & Johnson Pays Millions to Settle Risperdal Lawsuit

    The state of Arkansas will receive $7.8 million from Johnson & Johnson to settle claims by the state that J & J illegally marketed the antipsychotic drug, Risperdal.
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  • Classes Certified Against Wells Fargo In Overdraft MDL

    Plaintiffs won class certification Monday in five cases brought against Wells Fargo Bank NA that have been included in far-reaching multidistrict litigation alleging deceptive practices regarding bank overdraft fees.
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  • Judge Approves $32M Capital One Overdraft Deal

    After two rounds of mediation and two years of settlement discussions, a judge in Florida has approved a settlement of almost $31.8 million between Capital One Bank NA and nearly 611,000 plaintiffs in multidistrict litigation.
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  • Plaintiffs Say Shire Withholding Docs In Pay-For-Delay Suit

    Plaintiffs in a pay-for-delay putative class action against Shire U.S. Inc. over attention deficit hyperactivity disorder drug Adderal XR asked a Florida federal judge to order the company to turn over certain documents, saying the materials aren’t privileged as Shire claims.
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  • State Receives $12 Million in Settlement With Credit Card Companies

    In 2012, the state of Hawaii sued seven credit card providers, including Barclays, Capital One, HSBC, Discover, Banks of America, Citi, and Chase, alleging illegal practices involved in the marketing of credit card protection plans.
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  • Lawsuit Filed Against Angie's List for Fraud

    Recently, a lawsuit has been filed against Angie’s List for providing inaccurate information.
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  • Lawsuit Filed Against Staywell Research for Failing to Compensate Study Participants

    Recently, Staywell Research, a company based in California that owns and operates Medicus Research LLC, is being sued for violating state laws by failing to provide compensation to participants of a medical study. In addition, the company is being sued for committing fraud.
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  • Class Action Accuses Angie's List of Manipulating Reviews

    On Wednesday, Angie’s List Inc. was met with a class action lawsuit which stated that the review site deceitfully convinces local service providers and their companies to pay fees in order to gain access to ratings, search rankings, and reviews which are unfiltered.
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  • Capital One to Pay $32M To Exit Overdraft Fee MDL

    In Florida federal court, on Wednesday, a lawsuit was brought against Capital One Bank after the bank was caught processing transactions in a manner that would allow the bank to net the greatest amount in overdraft fees.
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  • Hawaii: $11.3M in Settlements Reached Against Credit Card Companies

    On August 4, 2014, Attorney General David M. Louie announced that settlements totaling approximately $11.3 million have been reached by the state of Hawaii against JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Citibank, and Discover Financial Services.
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  • TD Didn't Curb Overdraft Fees After $62M Deal, Suit Says

    According to Law 360 New York, TD Bank NA is facing a proposed class action lawsuit in PA Federal Court.
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  • Banks Settle with Attorney Generals for $13.5M for Deceptive Credit Card Practices

    Philadelphia-based class action law firm Golomb & Honik, P.C. has announced that JPMorgan Chase and Discover Financial Services have agreed to pay $13.5 million in a settlement to the states of New Mexico, Mississippi, and Hawaii as reparation for the misleading marketing practices used to sell their credit card payment protection plans.
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  • Federal Judge Certifies $23.5 Mil. Class Settlement With HSBC

    A judge of the Federal Court has approved a $23.5 million class settlement with HSBC Business Bank in a case in which the bank is alleged to have engaged in deceptive practices in administering its “debt suspension” and “debt cancellation plans.”
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  • Capital One Loses Bid To Block State AG Suits Over Payment Protection

    Capital One Financial Corp.’s efforts to block state regulators’ lawsuits over payment protection plans marketed to credit card customers has been denied by a federal judge.
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  • Consumer Watchdog Fines Capital One for Deceptive Credit Card Practices

    On Wednesday, a first enforcement action was filed against Capital One for deceiving over two million credit card consumers.
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  • Federal Judge Approves Settlement in Generic-Antidepressant Class Action

    Recently, a multidistrict litigation class action case was settled by a federal trial judge.
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  • Merck Hit With Antitrust Class Action Over Vaccine Data

    A putative antitrust class action lawsuit has been filed in Pennsylvania federal court against Merck and Co. Inc. by an Alabama medical provider who has accused the company of lying about the efficacy rate of its mumps vaccination in an effort to prevent competition from marketing their own versions.
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  • Golomb & Honik Named Finalists For National Award

    Richard Golomb, Ruben Honik, and Kenneth Grunfeld of Golomb & Honik, P.C. are part of a legal team which has been named a finalist for the Trial Lawyer of the Year Award for 2012.
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  • State Suing 7 Credit Card Companies Over "Fraudulent" Payment Protection Plans

    Hawaii’s attorney general has filed a lawsuit against seven of the largest credit card companies in the U.S., claiming that they are wrongfully charging customers for payment protection plans without their consent.
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  • State of Hawaii Files Lawsuit Against Seven Major Credit Card Companies

    Today, April 12, 2012, the Hawaii Attorney General David M. Louie filed lawsuits in against seven major credit card companies in the First Circuit Court.
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  • Class Action Against HSBC Settles for $23.5 Mil.

    A $23.5M settlement has received preliminary approval from a federal judge in Philadelphia in a class action lawsuit against HSBC Bank, Esslinger v. HSBC Bank Nevada N.A.
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  • Generic Drugmakers Settle Over Antidepressants

    Two manufacturers of generic drugs have agreed to settle in a class action lawsuit that claimed that their version of a popularly prescribed antidepressant was therapeutically not as effective as the brand name version.
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  • PAJ To Honor Richard Golomb For Distinguished Service

    Trial attorney Richard M. Golomb is set to receive an award for Distinguished Service from the Pennsylvania Association for Justice (PAJ) at its Presidents’ Club Reception in Philadelphia on October 22.
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  • FDA Certification No Shield to Suit Against Generic Drug Makers

    A federal judge has ruled that manufacturers of generic drugs are not shielded from lawsuits by an FDA process that certifies generic versions as the “bioequivalent” of their brand name counterparts.
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  • Federal Court Rules Consumers' Claims Against Nation's Leading Banks for Excessive Overdraft Fees May Proceed

    Judge James Lawrence King of the U.S. District Court has denied motions made by several of the country’s top banks to derail consolidated federal lawsuits in a federal court in Miami.
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  • Panasonic Plasmas Fading to Black?

    A consumer class action against Panasonic Corporation and Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company was filed in New Jersey, alleging that the company’s “Viera” plasma televisions made between 2008-2009 did not retain the same image quality as was advertised.
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  • Court Approves $10,250,000 Settlement on Behalf of Investors in Securities Class Action

    Golomb & Honik, P.C. recently facilitated the settlement of a multi-million-dollar matter on behalf of thousands of investors in Pennsylvania.
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  • Raytheon Beryllium Suppliers Must Face Suit: 1st Circuit

    Recently, a federal appeals court ruled that a former Raytheon Co. plant worker, Suzanne Genereux, and her family will be allowed to proceed with their lawsuit against three beryllium manufacturers.
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  • Richard Golomb Elected Secretary of AAJ

    Golomb & Honik, P.C. is proud to announce that Richard Golomb, the managing shareholder and founding partner of the firm, was recently elected Secretary of the American Association for Justice (AAJ)—formerly the Association of Trial Lawyers of America (ATLA).
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  • 'Diplomat and Realist' Takes Helm of Trial Lawyers Assn.

    Golomb & Honik, P.C. is pleased to announce that Attorney Ruben Honik will be sworn in as President of the Pennsylvania Trial Lawyers Association on July 9, 2008.
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  • Podiatrist is Ordered to Pay Double Amputee $2.06 Million

    Attorney Richard Golomb recently secured one of the largest awards in the history of Berks County on behalf of his client—who lost both of his legs after having a corn removed from his toe.
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  • Food-Poisoning Plaintiffs Gain New Tactics

    Between July and October 2002, a multi-state outbreak of listeriosis affected 54 people, leading to eight deaths and three fetal deaths in pregnant women.
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  • Richard Golomb Elected to Board of TLPJ Foundation

    Golomb & Honik, P.C. is proud to announce that Attorney Richard Golomb was recently elected to the Board of Directors of the TLPJ Foundation on July 16, 2006. T
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  • Philadelphia Magazine Honors Richard Golomb and Ruben Honik With the Title of Super Lawyers

    Attorneys Richard Golomb and Ruben Honik, of Golomb & Honik, P.C., were recently named to the prestigious Super Lawyers® list in the June 2005 issue of Philadelphia Magazine.
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  • UM Coverage Ordered for Injured Man

    Recently, Attorney Richard Golomb represented a man who was wrongfully denied insurance coverage after being struck by his own car.
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  • Richard Golomb Re-Elected to ATLA Board of Governors

    Attorney Richard Golomb, of Golomb & Honik, P.C., was recently elected to a second three-year term on the Association of Trial Lawyers of America’s (ATLA) board of governors.
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  • 3rd Circuit: Negative Diagnosis Tolls Statute in Toxic Tort Case

    Recently, a federal appeals court ruled that the statute of limitations can be tolled, or paused, in a toxic tort case if the plaintiff’s doctor has offered a definitive diagnosis that excluded the toxin as a cause of their ailments—even if the plaintiff suspected that the toxin was to blame.
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  • Jury Awards Maximum in First Police Chase Trial Under New Standard

    Last week, a Philadelphia Common Pleas jury awarded $744,000 to the estate of Raquelle Burnett, a woman who was killed during a dangerous police chase.
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  • Class Action, Big Verdicts

    Judge Anita B. Brody approved a $7.3 million settlement in a class action suit against a national chain of schools for ultrasound medical technicians brought by students who said the programs were a “sham” that failed to meet even minimal standards.
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  • Neighbors Also Suffer From Beryllium Ailments

    One person has sued and class action litigation has been planned after numerous individuals were diagnosed with beryllium disease just by living in proximity to a Tuckerton processing facility.
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  • DUI Death Suit Settles for Over $4 Million

    On May 15, 1998, college student Daniel Amoroso was killed in a drunk driving accident.
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