'Diplomat and Realist' Takes Helm of Trial Lawyers Assn.

Golomb & Honik, P.C. is pleased to announce that Attorney Ruben Honik will be sworn in as President of the Pennsylvania Trial Lawyers Association on July 9, 2008. Honik has been practicing in Philadelphia since 1980, specializing in toxic tort and environmental cases over the last decade. Once he takes the presidency, he intends to use the organization’s work to preserve the rights and access of Pennsylvania residents to the judicial system, as well as improve the range of services it provides to its members.

PATLA President-Elect Steven E. Riley, Jr. states that he is looking forward to working with Honik. “He has the ability to take a difficult concept that has been debated by 20 or 30 people with sizable egos and synthesize consensus,” Riley explains. He also agrees that restructuring the association to improve the benefits for members is an important initiative. Honik is also a president of the Northeast U.S. Chapter of Jewish Solidarity, which received the Award for Advancing Human Rights from the American Jewish Committee.

Ultimately, Honik brings more than 26 years of trial experience to this new leadership role. He also has a passion for humanitarian work, especially in his native country of Cuba.