Common Types of Maternal Birth Injuries

When it comes to childbirth, babies aren’t the only ones who can sustain severe injuries due to the negligence of physicians and hospital staff.

American mothers face an exceptionally high risk of maternal injury during and after birth compared to other developed nations. According to an investigation conducted by USA Today in 2018, approximately 50,000 mothers suffer severe injuries during or after childbirth, roughly 700 of which die due to related causes.

Many such deaths and severe injuries occur due to the following treatable causes:

  • Hypertension—If not identified quickly and treated as quickly as possible, high blood pressure can cause new mothers to experience strokes, which can result in death. Medical professionals and hospital staff must remain vigilant in monitoring blood pressure before, during, and after birth, and they bear the responsibility to medicate mothers who are in the “danger zone” in order to avoid seizures and prevent death.
  • Hemorrhaging—Severe blood loss causes hundreds of maternal deaths every year, despite being preventable in 90 percent of recorded cases. In order to behave responsibly, hospitals and doctors are required to conduct regular training and drills, remain stocked up on materials and tools needed to stop bleeding, and regularly evaluate new and delivering mothers for hemorrhaging.

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