Philadelphia Psychiatric Malpractice Lawyer

The doctor/patient relationship that exists between a psychiatrist and a client is one that can be incredibly emotionally damaging to victims of psychiatric malpractice. Some forms of psychiatric malpractice can result in physical and economic damages as well.

If you or a loved one has suffered emotional, physical, or economic injury from this form of medical malpractice, one of the lawyers at Golomb & Honik can assess your claim and help you determine the most effective course of action.

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Examples of Psychiatric Malpractice

Most commonly, psychiatric malpractice claims stem from one of three forms of negligence. These are:

  • Exploitation of the trust relationship – This occurs when a psychiatric professional oversteps his or her bounds. Exploitation often comes in the form of an inappropriate sexual relationship, but includes any breach of trust that results in emotional harm.
  • Improper prescription – This may include a wrong prescription or too high of a dosage. Psychiatric medications can have significant mental and physical side-effects. When the wrong dosage or an inappropriate medicine is prescribed, the consequences can even lead to death.
  • Third party liability – While doctor/patient confidentiality exists between psychological professionals and their clients, if a patient commits a crime that the psychiatrist was informed about, but failed to act on, the doctor may be held liable for the patient’s actions

Proving Negligence in Psychiatric Malpractice Cases

As with all forms of medical malpractice, proving psychiatric negligence can be incredibly difficult. At Golomb & Honik, we understand how delicate and trying these experiences can be. Our Philadelphia psychiatric malpractice lawyers will work personally with you, staying in close communication at all times, to ensure your claim is handled professionally and you are awarded the compensation you deserve.

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  • $250,000,000 Granuflo Medical Device Settlement
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