Birth Injuries Caused by Forceps & Vacuum Extraction Tools

Birth Injuries Caused by Extraction Tools

During labor and delivery, there are a million things that can go wrong. This is especially true when mothers fatigue or children are in a difficult birthing position, at which point doctors often opt to use assistive devices. However, these can make birth even more dangerous for infants and their mothers when used improperly.

Newborns Can Be Severely Harmed Through Negligent Use of Forceps & Vacuum Extractors

Forceps are one of the most common assistive birthing devices used by doctors during labor and delivery. These large, tong-shaped tools are used to cradle a child’s head and guide them through the birth canal. When used incorrectly or with too much force, forceps can cause intracranial bleeding, minor facial injuries, skull fractures, facial palsy, and even seizures, in some cases.

Vacuum-extractors are also commonly used and present their own unique set of risks. These are generally considered to be less safe than forceps and they exert approximately half the amount of force on a baby’s head during birth. However, when the cup is placed on the child’s head and the vacuum is activated (creating a seal), this can cause subgaleal hemorrhaging, hypoxia, shoulder dystocia, scalp wounds, and other injuries.

If you or your child have been harmed because of forceps or vacuum-extractors, you may be entitled to compensation proportionate to the damages you and your loved ones have suffered. Recovering compensation from the responsible party (or parties) may be essential when it comes time to pay for related treatments, which could last the entirety of an affected child’s life.

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